[sylpheed:35347] Re: How to use auto address completion?

Gene Goldenfeld genegold at fastmail.fm
Thu Jun 28 06:59:57 JST 2012

The arrow keys work here.  But what doesn't work quite right in my
opinion is the Tab key with the drop down list:

- Type a name in To:, then use the tab key.  The first one in the list
fills in
- OTOH, use the down arrow on the drop-down list, even just to the first
name, then hit the tab key.  Instead of filling in highlighted item,
it goes down to the next item in the list. That makes the two actions
redundant. (It requires Enter to post the highlighted item from the
drop down.)  

I would suggest with a drop-down list, Tab should post the highlighted

(Win 32)

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