[sylpheed:35334] Junk Filtering Question

Retiree disp1000 at useekthem.com
Wed Jun 27 01:04:09 JST 2012

Using Sylpheed 3.2 RC1 on Windows 7 Enterprise:

1)  I cannot find a setting that provides for "Do not mark message as 
Junk if sender is in the Address Book".
I have enabled Junk mail control (sylfilter) in Common Preferences.
I have also checked "Filter messages classified as junk on receiving".
If I create a filter to check if the sender is in the Address Book and 
set the action if true to "Stop rule evaluation", will this prevent the 
Junk Filter from evaluating the message, thus preventing possible 
classification as Junk when the sender is in my Address Book?

2)  Secondly, is there a means to change Junk classification in the 
action of a filter?  That is, can I set a message to "Junk" via my own 
filter action, and conversely, can I set a message to "Not Junk" via a 
filter action?

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