[sylpheed:35077] Re: HELP! I need to use IMAP!

McCluskey, Craig W craigm at lanl.gov
Fri Jan 20 03:10:42 JST 2012

> At the Mail Account Setup window, verify or enter the following:
>         a. Your name: E.g. Smith, John
>         b. Email address: E.g. john.smith at company.com
>         c. Password: <password>
>         d. Check Remember password (optional)
>         e. Username: <username>
>         f. Incoming
>               i. mymail.company.com
>               ii. IMAP
>               iii. Port: 993
>               iv. SSL: SSL/TLS
>               v. Authentication: Normal password
>         g. Outgoing
>               i. mail.company.com
>               ii. SMTP
>               iii. Port: 25
>               iv. SSL: None
>               v. Authentication: No Authentication
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

> Can anyone help me set this up?

Check the SSL tab in current accounts preferences. Off the Configuration
drop down



Back here at work, I started Sylpheed 3.1.2 and at the top menu bar,
selected Configuration --> Preferences for Current Account ...

The Account Preferences window that comes up has 5 tabs:
- Basic
- Receive
- Send
- Compose
- Proxy
- Advanced

On the Basic tab, in the Server information section at the bottom, I have selected
Protocol IMAP4 and entered the correct parameters.

On the Receive tab in the IMAP4 section, the Authentication method gives me
four choices:
      - Automatic
      - LOGIN
      - PLAIN
      - CRAM-MD5
But nothing that says SLS/TLS.

The Send, Compose, and Proxy tabs have nothing relevant.

On the Advanced tab, I have set the IMAP port to 993 as requested by the Thunderbird

My sylpheed.log file has multiple entries that say,

[11:07:02] ** Sylpheed-CRITICAL: folderview_check_new_item: assertion `item != NULL' failed

My sylpheed accountrc has a line that says, "ssl_imap=0". Should I manually set this to 1?


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