[sylpheed:35075] Re: HELP! I need to use IMAP!

John john at neodoc.biz
Thu Jan 19 15:57:05 JST 2012

On Wed, 18 Jan 2012 22:07:53 -0700
Craig wrote:

> My company decided to drop the POP3 server they have been using for the
> nearly 10 years that I have been there and switch to Microsoft Exchange,
> which can be accessed only with IMAP. I liked POP3, it worked well for
> me. Sylpheed on Linux has been wonderful; here at home I have used it for
> something like 12 years. At work, I currently have more than 5800 emails
> in 179 directories, for 1.6 gigabytes of email. I didn't want to have to
> change, but change I must.
> I really need to get Sylpheed running again; the only thing I have to use
> right now is Outlook Web App -- OWA (ick, wretch, patooey!).
> Sylpheed, of course, is not supported by my company, but they do give
> setup instructions for Thunderbird on Linux:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> At the Mail Account Setup window, verify or enter the following:
>         a. Your name: E.g. Smith, John
>         b. Email address: E.g. john.smith at company.com
>         c. Password: <password>
>         d. Check Remember password (optional)
>         e. Username: <username>
>         f. Incoming
>               i. mymail.company.com
>               ii. IMAP
>               iii. Port: 993
>               iv. SSL: SSL/TLS
>               v. Authentication: Normal password
>         g. Outgoing
>               i. mail.company.com
>               ii. SMTP
>               iii. Port: 25
>               iv. SSL: None
>               v. Authentication: No Authentication
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> I can get the outgoing email working just fine; I sent an email to myself
> from sylpheed and it showed up on OWA.
> I am having problems, however, with the incoming email.
> I think the SSL/TLS setting is the problem. I cannot find a button or a
> pull-down to set SSL/TLS. I did see something about it in my accountrc
> once I had set up an IMAP account, but that seemed to have no effect.
> What I want to do is make IMAP behave like POP3: I want to download my
> email from the server onto my computer in MH format and two days later
> when I check email, have the mail deleted from the server. I don't want
> any mirroring of directories or long-term storing mail on the server. (I
> currently back up my Sylpheed email structure on 4 different disks on 3
> different computers in 2 different buildings a couple of miles apart and
> can really take care of my email myself, thank you.)
> Can anyone help me set this up?

Check the SSL tab in current accounts preferences. Off the Configuration
drop down


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