[sylpheed:35015] Re: BUG?: Messages are still marked as read when opened, even if "Always mark as read when a message is opened" option is deactivated?

pn361529 at yahoo.com pn361529 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 1 00:50:13 JST 2012

> Anton Shepelev <anton.txt at gmail.com> wrote:
> It is as I wrote above.  Messages are marked as read
> when  I  click them with the Message View shown, but
> when Sylpheed automatically selects the first unread
> message in a folder and shows it in Message View, it
> does _not_ mark it as read.
> Anton

Okay, can confirm that what you just described is also exactly the same
what is happening here. Maybe that's the intention of this option, which
actually would make some sense then: not marking first message of a
folder as unread only because you selected another folder for example.

Maybe the name of the option is confusing then, when it is supposed to
"Always mark as read when a message is opened" by activating it, one
might expect it to "Never mark as read when a message is opened" when

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