[sylpheed:35130] Re: Shrinking window on succesive runs

Ivo van Poorten ivop at euronet.nl
Tue Feb 28 05:55:20 JST 2012

What window manager are you using? Have you tried a different one?

On Monday 27 February 2012, 15:20:00, Jaime Vives Piqueres wrote:

> Hi All:
>   Since I changed to Ubuntu 11.04, I'm having a weird problem that only
> affects the main Sylpheed window: every time I open the program, the
> window is a bit smaller in height. This doesn't happens to any of the
> other GTK applications.
>   I tried to get some help using google, but my searches didn't show
> anything relevant... and I'm not that bad at searches. So, I decided to
> check if it was a problem with the Ubuntu package, so I downloaded the
> stable sources to compile the program myself, but still the shrinking
> problem is there.
>   Any ideas on what could be causing this behavior? ...I'm a bit tired
> of resizing the window every other day. :(
>   Regards,
> P.D.:  It's worth to note that this is my first and only problem with
> Sylpheed after 10 years using it daily, across many different Linux
> distros: unbelievable!

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