[sylpheed:35496] Don't display a popup each time reading an PGP signed message

Cr0k crok.r245 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 05:45:22 JST 2012


On various mailing-lists, people encrypt their messages; that's not a bad thing, it's indeed a very good one.
I don't know how other mail clients behave while reading an PGP signed message, but, as you propably all know, Sylpheed opens a popup, saying e.g. "No public key to verify the signature from...".

Wouldn't it be better if it was just an icon (for example a green "check" button when the signature has been verified, and a red cross when it hasn't), instead of that popup? I don't know if there could be some special log messages sometimes, but we could have access to that detail by clicking on the button... 

Just an idea I thought about, it seemed to be a good one, so I might as well share it.


Cr0k <crok.r254 at gmail.com>

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