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Lol now I understand! Your question also puzzled me. I was responding to (hmm, forget) who asked where win 7 stored the data (default mbx, address files etca) after a sylpheed install. I was not referring to the assigning of a sylpheed to the web browser. :) sorry for the confusion.

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> Gene : Why, or should I ask what file are you referencing in Users?
> In my installation of Sylpheed, sylpheed.exe was placed in Program
> Files. 
> ----
> I installed it in the default (ie programmes) and that the path I
> mentioned before is where it stored the "other" ie address book,
> filters etc. I did nothing unusual in install- I had it on my work
> computer and my work laptop. Both placed it in the same place. 

Thanks, but then I'm missing the point of your initial post, since you
said that "the path you want" is in
your-user-name/AppData/Roaming/sylpheed."  In Win 7 that means "Users,"
the equivalent of XP's Docs and Settings folder. What I'm not getting is
why you would point your browser ("mailto") to a folder where Sylpheed's
executable is not located.


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