[sylpheed:34798] Re: [ANNOUNCE] SylFilter 0.2

Reinhard Irmer reinhard.irmer at kabelmail.de
Wed Sep 14 00:26:39 JST 2011

hi Hiroyuki,

you wrote on Tue, 13.Sep.2011 (10:56:27):

> A Windows binary is also downloadable.
>   sylfilter-qdbm.exe   : statically linked with qdbm
>   sylfilter-sqlite.exe : dynamically linked with SQLite
>                          (libsqlite3-0.dll) The QDBM version is a bit 
> faster than the SQLite version.
> When using with Sylpheed, put either of the above exe into the 
> Sylpheed folder and rename it to sylfilter.exe. SQLite version also 
> requires libsqlite3- 0.dll.
> On 'Common preferences... - Junk mail - Learning command:', manually 
> set each command as following:
>     Junk : sylfilter -j
>     Not Junk : sylfilter -c
>     Classifying command : sylfilter

After download I unzipped the file to ..\sylpheed... and made the
preferences as you wrote (look attach), but the mailpull said "failure" (no
filter found). Looking to dir, no sylfilter.exe was found. I tried
sylfilter-sqlite and sylfilter-qdbm in the preferences, but no filtering was
done (the same failurewindow).

Whats to do, to make sylfilter run on my win-xp-machine?
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