[sylpheed:34612] Protcol Log doesn't show any output when trying to connect

Bill Priest priestwilliaml at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 01:12:46 JST 2011

   I'm a long time sylpheed user (at home); now I'm trying to get it going
at work (w/ MS Exchange).  I menu and open the Protocol Log window and then
hit Get/Get All and I don't see any output at all in the Protocol Log.  I've
confirmed that I can ping the server so I believe that is correct. Some
message flashes across the bottom of the mail sylpheed window; but it is so
fast I can't read it (looks like it is accessing the mailbox).
   Is there any other debug that I can turn on to help debug what is going
on?  I've also changed all different kinds of security/SSL.  I tried going
back to 3.1.0rc and it did the same thing.


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