[sylpheed:34691] Parameters on filter commands

Aurélio A. Heckert aurelio at colivre.coop.br
Thu Jul 28 02:10:20 JST 2011

I had created some filters, but i want to run some commands,
like i do with Thunderbird. I found the "execute command"
action on the filter editor, but there is no help like
on the "tools>actions" editor

I need to know how to use the parameters to my filter
run things like this:
espeak -v pt 'The e-mail subject, from sender'
notify-send -i mail_new 'New e-mail' 'The e-mail subject\nfrom sender'

And will be also useful to know all parameters to run things
based on mail content. :-)

A like the "tools>actions" editor help will be nice.


Aurélio A. Heckert

COLIVRE - Coop. Tecnologias Livres

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