[sylpheed:34671] [patch] plain-text local copy when encrypt is enabled

Axel axel at james-b.ch
Fri Jul 22 06:36:42 JST 2011


I new to this ML and to sylpheed but I've found it so great at the first glance (I'm coming from Evolution), it is very customizable and light! After a few hours, I was disappointed of only one thing but fortunately I've made a patch to correct that.

Here is the patch I made for sylpheed 3.1.1 (with GnuPG enabled) which makes a plain-text copy of encrypted messages when it is send directly. The original behavior was to make a copy of the sent mail as is and so it was encrypted with the specified keys. In general you don't have the corresponding private keys so the local copies remains unreadable.

This patch is quite short and any suggestion is welcome to improve it. If some people are interested I may an option to disable it on the fly. I may use the user key itself instead to keep it in plain, I would need to study a little more the code. Anyway, I hope my patch could help people, and maybe when it is improved included in the mainstream code.

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