[sylpheed:34670] Hidden files in MH directories

Walter Hurry walterhurry at lavabit.com
Fri Jul 22 05:26:18 JST 2011

I am using a Mailbox (MH) folder in Sylpheed, whose physical path is 

$HOME/Mail is populated by fetchmail -> postfix -> procmail. Then I am 
using Sylpheed as my MUA. This is working well, but I notice that in each 
subdirectory of $HOME/Mail there exist two hidden files: .sylpheed_cache 
and .sylpheed_mark.

There appears to be no problem with new messages, nor when (within 
Sylpheed) I move messages from one folder to another.

What I am wondering is this: Is it safe to delete messages *outside of 
Sylpheed* from directories (I am thinking, of course, of directories 
$HOME/Mail/junk and $HOME/Mail/trash)? Or will it confuse Sylpheed and 
its hidden files? Until now, for safety's sake I have been deleting from 
the Junk folder and performing the 'Empty Trash' operation from within 


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