[sylpheed:34418] Re: Sylpheed 3.1rc released

v_2e at ukr.net v_2e at ukr.net
Fri Jan 28 09:04:56 JST 2011

  I have finished to edit the Ukrainian translation and attached
the .po and .desktop-files to this e-mail (be careful with the .desktop
file since I'm not sure I used the latest version of it, so it could
miss some newly added translations or other changes)

  There are still some problems with Ukrainian and Russian
translations. As I have already reported, there are some strings that
are used several time across the application and should be translated
in different ways. This cannot be done using the existing .po-files.
So, they will be correct only in one of the appearances.

  I can tell about 4 such words:
- Unread
- Send
- Compose
- Reply

  And by the way in contrast to the said above, the word "Delete"
happens 2 times, but both of them are used for the button labels (one
for the headers list 'Delete' and one for the rest of the 'Delete'

  I have also looked through the Russian translation and I can see that
it needs refreshing too. Some new lines are not translated at all, some
lines are outdated and some lines are translated inaccurately.
Unfortunately, I cannot refresh the Russian translation till 28.01.2011.
I believe that in the very very best case it would take me about a day
to update it. 
  So, what do you suggest to do about it? Maybe it is acceptable to
update it until 30.01.2011?


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