[sylpheed:34366] Folder list formatting bug

Gene Goldenfeld genegold at fastmail.fm
Mon Jan 17 06:29:32 JST 2011

For quite some time, when the folder list (left) gets within one line
of the bottom, i.e., one line or less blank, the list's formatting gets
messed up.  Upon start up of Sylpheed, the list formats with an extra
line at the bottom and, more importantly, the right column (Total) is
pushed to the right so that the horizontal scroll shows (I have four
columns: Folder, New, Unread, Total). It takes dragging the right
column back in to fix it all, which holds until the next restart. I've
avoided this problem up until now by staying two or more lines away
from the bottom, but currently have need of the extra line.  I've got
screenshots if needed.


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