[sylpheed:34365] Going to next unread message (Shift-N) in newsgroups bug

Gene Goldenfeld genegold at fastmail.fm
Sat Jan 15 07:52:02 JST 2011

This is a bug, here at least, that I wrote about last March 10 (33770)
with 3.0.0.  I use Shift-N (go to next unread message) in newsgroups
(Usenet). When I've get to the bottom of the posts and there are still
more unread, Shift-N takes me back up to the top unread message, but the
thread list itself does not refocus; it remains at the bottom of the
list and thus I have to use the scroll bar to find the message.  I
rarely use Shift-N with regular mail folders, but trying just now the
screen refocuses correctly.


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