[sylpheed:34984] Re: BUG?: Messages are still marked as read when opened, even if "Always mark as read when a message is opened" option is deactivated?

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 20:25:59 JST 2011

Cristian Secară:

> Here  is  one minus of Sylpheed, in that it has no
> way to mark as read after x seconds.

I think it is actually good,  because  such  actions
must  be done by the user upon a conscious decision.
The immediate automatical marking  as  read  may  be
called such because it is a result of the opening of
a the message, while with a delay it would depend on
whether  you  have  spent, say, 4.99 or 5.01 seconds
reading it.


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