[sylpheed:34978] Request/suggestion: Please change/improve the behaviour of the new mail notification of the Sylpheed tray icon.

pn361529 at yahoo.com pn361529 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 29 20:07:36 JST 2011


when new messages arrived in Sylpheed for Windows, the Sylpheed tray
icon gets a red letter overlay symbol and starts to blink/flash.

But it only seems to blink five times or something like that and stops
blinking after that and just the red letter overlay symbol remains on
the tray icon.

Also, as soon as the user interacts with the folder or summary view for
example after new messages arrived, the red letter overlay symbol on
the tray icon disappears, even if the user interacted with something
that is not (one of) the message(s) which just arrived and even if
there are still unread messages.


Please make the tray icon blink as long as the user hasn't clicked the
tray icon or hasn't interacted with the main window after new messages
arrived. In addition to that, please make the red letter overlay symbol
display as long on the tray icon as there are still unread messages.


Currently there only is the "Display tray icon" option available,
which, if activated, makes the tray icon display permanently. Please
add an additional option to make the tray icon display(/blink - see
above) only if new messages arrived and only as long as there are still
unread messages. Setting the tray icon to "Only show notifications" in
Windows doesn't seem to work.

And also, if possible:

Please add an option to make a balloon tooltip pop up from the Sylpheed
tray icon which notifies about new messages when they arrived,
including the number of new messages. Also if possible whith a
configurable timeout for the balloon tooltip (configurable amount of
seconds for example until the balloon tooltip disappears after pop up).

It seems/sounds like this would be easy to implement, as there already
is a tooltip displayed which basically shows that ("Sylpheed: X new
message(s)") when the mouse pointer hovers over the tray icon while
there is the red letter overlay symbol on it? So maybe an option could
be added to make this information additionally pop up from the tray
icon as a balloon tooltip when new messages arrived?

Mr. Yamamoto and others, it would be nice if you would share your
opinion about those suggestions and if you could tell if you will
implement them or not ;).

Thank you very much in advance.


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