[sylpheed:34965] Re: 3.2.0 beta 4: another command is already running

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 20:22:47 JST 2011

Hiroyuki Yamamoto:

> I've  found  the  cause of the crash, and fixed in
> svn trunk (r2992).  At least the next release will
> not crash at the above situation.

Very good, thank you :-)

> By the way, how did you do this? 3.2.0beta4 tempo-
> rally disables offline switch while receiving IMAP
> messages.

It  must  have  been  my fault.  When testing that I
didn't know yet about auto-checks causing the crash.
When I pressed "offline" an auto-check must have oc-
cured, so  Sylpheed  crashed  by  mere  coincidence.
Sorry  for the confusion.  I shall be more attentive
when reporting problems.

By the way, would it be possible to have the offline
switch  greyed-out  while  an  IMAP message is being

I also think a progressbar (right in the status bar)
for the download of huge messages would also come in
handy, and since Sylpheed already has one for outgo-
ing messages, in the Send dialog...


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