[sylpheed:34960] "Encrypt to self" functionality

Antonio Ospite ospite at studenti.unina.it
Mon Dec 19 08:31:30 JST 2011


when you send an encrypted email you are not able to re-read it by
default, this is by design of asymmetric encryption of course.
Some email clients have an "Encrypt to self" option to encrypt the
outgoing message with multiple keys, one being the sender's, and this
makes the message readable again by who sent it.

Can this be done in Sylpheed already? I've looked into:

  Configuration -> Common Preferences -> Privacy


  Configuration -> Preference for current account -> Privacy

and I can't find it.

This can also be done globally by configuring gpg:
but I think having it in the mail client still makes sense.

What do you think about this functionality?
Does it have any drawbacks that I haven't thought of?

I am considering implementing it myself in Sylpheed, but I wanted to
test the waters first.


Antonio Ospite

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