[sylpheed:34933] Re: accountrc windows

Jens Jahnke jan0sch at gmx.net
Sun Dec 11 02:12:26 JST 2011


encrypting the configuration files would not solve the problem because
you would also have to store the key/pass for decryption. If someone
has access to your machine/account you are screwed either way.
You best solution on windows should be to use either full disk
encryption or a truecrypt container for your sensitive stuff.
Although these also have their shortcomings. But that would lead to far
off topic.

In my opinion [senseless] encrypted files only add a false layer of
"felt" security to the user but give no protection at all.

Another nice thing is that you can look up passwords you have
forgotten. ;-)



10. Julmond 2011, 18:06
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