[sylpheed:34931] Re: How to get useful printouts from Sylpheed on Windows?

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Sun Dec 11 00:23:06 JST 2011

On Fri Dec 9 01:32

Gene Goldenfeld <genegold at fastmail.fm> wrote:

> It's a text-based client without print formatting capabilities, so I
> haven't expected much, although I'd like to know if there are any
> improvements possible.  For now, when I need to edit before printing, I
> drop the email into Word, run Find & Replace on the paragraph marks,
> adjust the line spacing, maybe something else here or there, and pretty
> much have what I want.
> Gene

Generally improvements seem to be possible.

I guess that's what "Configuration" ---> "Common Preferences" --->
"Details" ---> "External commands" ---> "Use external program for
printing" basically is meant for ;).

Actually you could easily try out "Use external program for printing"
with the tool called "MailPrint" (see OP). It is very easy to set up
and use (Readme with instructions included).
But the layout/formatting this tool creates for the printout is not
exactly what i personally am looking for and unfortunately it doesn't
seem to be (at least not easily) possible to change the formatting. But
maybe it works for you, if you are looking for improvements, don't
know ;).

Speaking of improvements, in the Muttprint FAQ there is an example of
what printouts (can) look like when using Muttprint as an external
program for printing:

Also the Muttprint manual mentions a lot of options to change the
formatting. Even something like:

"Paper save mode
It’s possible to print two pages on one page in landscape. This allows
you to save paper and ink and increases the printing speed. This makes
only with the paper format DIN A4 sense because two reduced pages fit
exactly to one sheet."

is mentioned there. And many more.

But seems like Muttprint does not work with Windows, or does it?
Something with the ease of use of "MailPrint" (see OP) together with
the configurability of Muttprint would be great ;).

But what about enscript? Is there no one here who could explain how to
use that as an external program for printing with Sylpheed on Windows?

Suggestions about other solutions for printing with Sylpheed on Windows
would be very nice, too.

Thank you very much in advance.


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