[sylpheed:34928] Request: Please add an option to Sylpheed to set View menu settings "Thread view", "Sort" ---> "by..." and "Ascending/Descending" globally/permanently/for every (new) folder.

pn361529 at yahoo.com pn361529 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 10 06:33:12 JST 2011


if you set the menu settings "View" ---> "Thread view" / "View" --->
"Sort" ---> "by..." / "View" ---> "Sort" ---> "Ascending/Descending",
Sylpheed only seems to set them for the active folder and this folder

So at the moment it seems one has to configure those settings for every
single folder and for every new folder that gets added as well, even if
one wants to have the same settings for every folder and every new
folder which gets added. This can get annoying.

Basically it's always "Thread view" activated without any sorting at
all, even if you changed it before in another folder.

So, could you please make the default behaviour of those settings
configurable globally, so that one could set them once and they will be
set like that for every folder and also every new folder that gets

Maybe this could be done by simply making those View menu settings
control the default behaviour?

Or maybe a separate option could be added to "Configuration" --->
"Common Preferences" ---> "Display" ---> "General" ---> "Summary View"?
There already is the option "Expand Threads" which seems to act
globally, so maybe more options could be added there?

If there already should be a way to change those settings / change
their default behaviour, it would be nice if someone could explain how.

Thank you very much in advance.


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