[sylpheed:34761] Font bug?

Gene Goldenfeld genegold at fastmail.fm
Mon Aug 29 12:57:00 JST 2011

Using 3.2.0b2/Win32.  I'm switching over from XP to Win 7 and noticed
that the folder list in Win 7 takes up more room vertically than it
did in XP.  Thinking of adjusting the display, I took a look at the
Display font and the default is Monospace Normal 12.  In trying to
change it to 10 or 11, Sylpheed chooses a different font no matter what
I pick; i.e., if I choose monospace Normal 10, it flips to Batang Chag
on OK (or Apply). When I tried to get back to monospace Normal 12, it
chose Batang Chag again or another typeface. And any change seems to
effect the messages only, not the rest of the display. 

To get back to the default, do I need to reinstall? When I initially
choose Cancel in the dialogue box, thinking it would revert, it instead
kept what showed at that moment, probably because I had it Apply.

Gene Goldenfeld

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