[sylpheed:34755] Re: IMAP and Yahoo not working... sometimes

Javier meresponde2001-sylpheed at yahoo.es
Fri Aug 26 22:46:14 JST 2011

On Fri, 26 Aug 2011 11:01:48 +0100
James Freer <jrjfreer at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yahoo publically does not offer imap. Like me you seem to have
> found the following connections work but have to be manually
> entered iirc or manually corrected with the auto configuration.
> imap.yahoo.com:993
> smtp.yahoo.com:465
> I like you found that yahoo worked.... most of the time.

Hi, thanks for the reply :)

Most of the time working, no, working all the time, except for some
accounts for... unkown reasons, that don't work with Sylpheed but
working with Seamonkey.

Except for the yahoo.co.jp account, that looks another problem.
Lately, even web access, is almost impossible, rejecting user and
password :( I think they servers are quite busy these days.

> I think
> they provide the provision for phones but not for email. They only
> offer pop and will deny that one can use imap. I would imagine that
> is
> because of the bandwidth or something like that - the server has
> got to be able to cope with the large downloading of headers
> whereas pop is just a few although can be a large amount with much
> email usage.  

You would be right, unless IMAP server can't identify if a connection
is comming from a mobile or not. And you can't choose through Yahoo
options to use one of other method to check mail. Both are open.

Yes, IMAP is now offered for phones, but, by the intrinsic way a
server works (whatever type it is), can be used widely with any type
of software or connection.

The bandwidth used, is not as you say, the mobile phones can use
the same amount of data to communicate with the server. There is no
difference from desktop to mobile, even speeds, nowadays. In the
other hand, I don't download mails unless I read them. I only
download headers and they are cached to avoid newer downloads, what
also can't be ever said for all mobile mail software...

I agree with you only in that, maybe, and I didn't find anywhere, I
could be violating the terms of service, just because IMAP services
is only "intended" for mobile use.

Oh, one correction, is not imap.yahoo.com, but imap.mail.yahoo.com ;)

> I've been doing some testing over the last couple of weeks having
> decided to give up on Firefox and Thunderbird. I found no faults
> [using gmail, aol accounts [apart from yahoo which i've
> mentioned]using imap with Thunderbird, Seamonkey, Sylpheed, Claws
> or Alpine. I'm a 'user' as opposed to a technical guru... as such i
> hope i've been of help. I can set them up and test but what goes on
> underneath i can't comment on.

I didn't have problems with other mail services either, only with
Yahoo. But if it is a Yahoo problem, is weird, and if it is a
Sylpheed problem, is weird too :S

> [snip]
> > But... not ever, with some accounts with passwords including both
> > type of characters in the password (white spaces and
> > symbols/special chars) the IMAP connection works. 
> I wouldn't expect it to. passwords should be alpha-numeric only -
> maybe i'm wrong on that but it doesn't seem a good idea to use
> spaces and symbols.


Don't say this, now the web services are letting us use spaces and
symbols to enforce passwords, don't say, "hey, let's go back to ascii
or extended ascii". God bless the day they started letting us choose
the strength of a password.

Really, it's a good idea to use stronger passwords. And, by the way,
Yahoo in the past didn't let you to choose passwords with spaces and
symbols, but now does, so shouldn't be anything wrong. If something
goes wrong, is to blame Yahoo.

I contacted them 4 months ago to fix IMAP password parsing with white
spaces, and, hey, they did! but... is half working.

And this is why I came here to tell/ask if Sylpheed is sending bad
the passwords or something. It's strange some are working and some
aren't :S and then if they don't work on Sylpheed, they work on other
mail client.

Something may be wrong somewhere. I don't want to blame Sylpheed, but
it looks like could be it, but Yahoo looks isn't free of guilt too.


P.S.: sorry if this message is bad written, I'm a bit asleep :S

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