[sylpheed:34744] Re: Sylpheed v Claws

James Freer jrjfreer at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 18:26:56 JST 2011

On 24 August 2011 08:16, Paul <claws at thewildbeast.co.uk> wrote:
> On Wed, 24 Aug 2011 08:09:22 +0200
> wwp <subscript at free.fr> wrote:
>> This is no longer the case, for years. Claws Mail (formerly
>> Sylpheed-Claws) has split and become a separate, not the
>> bleeding-edge version of Sylpheed a long time ago. I don't think
>> Sylpheed is more stable. Now it's up to you to compare features and
>> differences.
> I would confidently go further than that and say that
> Claws-Mail/Sylpheed-Claws was NEVER less stable than Sylpheed. As
> far as I saw it, it was badged as 'bleeding-edge' in deference to
> Sylpheed, as the project's original aim, before the fork, was to
> improve Sylpheed and not to rival Sylpheed.
> Therefore, James, I refute your view that Sylpheed is a more stable
> product. I don't know what you read, but it was probably old, old
> history and written back in the time before the fork when Claws was
> the development version of Sylpheed.
> with regards
> Paul

I was merely wondering what the current situation was [perhaps what i
read was well out of date!]? I was not implying that Claws was still
the development version. However, there do seem to be more issues
raised on the claws list.

As for features and differences - on the surface the two are still
similar but i was wondering about 'under the bonnet' as it were.
Sylpheed is slightly more visually appealing and clearly Claws has had
more advanced features put into it.

I've been using Thunderbird (no reason other than i haven't looked
into others and made a fair comparison for a while) but due to latest
development it has become quite slow although there are ways of
speeding it up. So i thought i'd have a look at a few others.

I've also looked at Seamonkey (always used to run more smoothly than
Firefox - i used to use Navigator back in 2004/2005 era when Firefox
appeared to have glitches) and i was quite surprised recently at some
posts from developers regarding some coding used from Firefox. It may
well be that i use Seamonkey. Firefox and TB have become too advanced
for my uses and taste - 'under the bonnet' there seem to be problems.
As a writer (not for IT) i belong to a large number of lists and need
a fast more minimal features email client to get through mail.


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