[sylpheed:34739] Problem with --configdir on Linux and relative mailboxes paths

Christoph Kobe christoph at kobenetz.de
Mon Aug 22 00:11:15 JST 2011

Sylpheed 3.1.1 on Debian Linux 6 stable (and Windows 7)

Main Question here (story below): How does Sylpheed determine the root
of the mailboxes directory in Linux?


I've been using Sylpheed for many years on Windows now. Yesterday I
tried to use it on Debian Linux with the same configuration directory
and it fails to display the messages in my Mailbox (and more). I want
to switch between Windows and Linux and use Sylpheed with the same
config on both systems.

I used the "--debug" option and found some detail on the problem
(complete output as attachment):

<SNIPPETS with my comments #>

#== Starting Sylpheed from console ==
christoph at christoph:~/Daten-Privat/Daten/programmdaten$ sylpheed --debug
--configdir /home/christoph/Daten-Privat/Daten/programmdaten/sylpheed

#== First strange output ==
current dir: /home/christoph
current dir: /home/christoph/Daten-Privat/Daten/programmdaten/sylpheed

#== Big mistake here ==
Folder inbox is selected
/home/christoph/christoph at kobenetz.de/inbox: chdir: No such file or


All paths in the folderlist.xml are relative like this:
<folder type="mh" name="christoph at kobenetz.de"
path="christoph at kobenetz.de" account_apply_sub="1">

On Windows this works fine, because the --configdir seems to be the
base for the Mailboxes directory. On Linux there seems to be a problem
in combining the Mailbox-"root-directory" with the relative paths in
folderlist.xml. I don't know how sylpheed gets the Mailboxes-root on
linux. Without the --configdir option, it's set
to /home/christoph/.sylpheed-2.0, when I use the --configdir option
it's always set to /home/christoph. I tried to set the $HOME
environment variable, but I see no change.

How can I set the mailboxes root-directory on linux, so I can use the
same configuration and mailboxes for my dual-boot system?


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