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Bruce Bowler bbowler at bigelow.org
Thu Aug 18 02:06:07 JST 2011

On Wed, 17 Aug 2011 18:56:24 +0300
Cristian Secară <liste at secarica.ro> put fingers to keyboard and said:

> On Wed, 17 Aug 2011 11:11:58 -0400, Bruce Bowler wrote:
> > In ff, there doesn't appear to be a mechanism to pass command line
> > options to user specified programs so there's no way (at least that
> > I can see) to open the compose window.

> So in FF it appears there is already a mechanism to do that, at least
> for Microsoft e-mail clients.

Yep, there are some "predefined" mailto options, notably what ever the
"native MS supplied email client" is and a few webmail sites.  

It appears that if I used linux, there's a way to specify options, but
not in windows.  I tried the 
 "c:\blah blah blah\sylpheed.exe --compose $1"
idea but it says that's not a valid executable.

I added the reg file (in fact, already had) but there doesn't appear to
be a "use the program I've picked as default email client" option. 

Again, it's an firefox problem, so I guess I'll head over there and see
if anyone over there as a solution...

If I find out how, I'll report back here.


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