[sylpheed:34719] Odd Reply window focus problem

Gene Goldenfeld genegold at fastmail.fm
Thu Aug 18 00:19:42 JST 2011

I'm using 3.2b2/Win32 (xp/sp3).  Lately, when I click Reply for a new
message, the Reply compose window doesn't open or, more often, it opens
to a tab and leaves the original message up.  This is quite noticeable,
since my instinctive habit is to start typing in the new window without
thinking about it, but now it's not there.  I even had one case this
morning where I clicked on the '+' for a multi-post email thread and
nothing happened, i.e., it didn't change to '-'. (There is also the
longstanding problem that Sylpheed doesn't refocus the email list to
show the subsequent messages when they are at the bottom of the list
area, but that's a different issue.)

Anyone else experiencing this?


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