[sylpheed:34224] Crash? How to deal with the fallout

John Coppens john at jcoppens.com
Fri Sep 10 14:33:45 JST 2010

Hello people,

A crash in the X-window system (no idea of the cause) made the
window-manager exit violently. After re-entering with startx,
Sylpheed seemed to have lost most of its configuration. accountrc had
size 0, and filters.xml was set to 59 bytes instead of the 50-odd
filters I had programmed.

A search on the 'net didn't help much, and the handful of pages on
accountrc and sylpheed were not about crashes.

With a little guesswork, I copied a backup file for both of the
mentioned files and could restart sylpheed again - the folders were
scanned correctly (I think). I had to reprogram most of my preferences

Is there some algorithm to safely restore the configs? And which file
was clobbered to make sylpheed loose its course?


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