[sylpheed:34213] anoying mimetype for 'doc' problem

Ervin Peters ervin.peters at ervnet.de
Wed Sep 1 16:54:49 JST 2010


I'm running Sylpheed 3.0.3 on severall Gentoo Linux systems, 32 and

Today I stumbled over an anoying problem on mime type handling.

I attached a word document, filenameending: 'doc' to an email and
wondered why sylpheed shows 'text/plain' as mime-type.

Looking at


shows how mime-type exploration workd.

I have no mime.types in ~/.sylpheed-2.0, /etc/mime.types contains a

application/msword				doc dot

Found no other mime-types files on the systems, attaching an xls, odt or
pdf works fine, means, the right mimetype is choosen.

According to the manual, sylpheed chooses 'application/octet-stream' if
it cannot be determined otherwise. Using that statement, sylpheeds
finds a mime-type 'text/plain' for 'doc', but where?

I looked all over ~ and also /etc for a hint of that mime-type
relation, nothing.


Or did I fail to notice something?


Ervin Peters
Paul-Klee-Str. 10
D-99425 Weimar

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