[sylpheed:34269] Re: Dynamic signatures

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 18:12:46 JST 2010

Ricardo Mones:
> Your  backslash  escaping  is  a  bit  weird to my
> taste, try using
> D:\\pascal\\sig\\sig.exe instead.

Per Danielsson:
> Or simply
> D:/pascal/sig/sig.exe

Thank you for the feedback.

The "/\" escaping is the only one that works for  me
on Windows XP.

It  turned  that  a C (Tiny C Compiler) program with
printf() works well, while an equivalent program  in
Pascal (FreePascal compiler) doesn't. It gets called
and, just like with the C version, a console  window
flashes  for  a moment, but the contents of the Com-
pose window left empty.

I have attached the two programs together with their
sources  and  hope  somebody helps me figure what is
wrong. The extensions of the executables  I  had  to
rename  to  .ex_ so as to beguile gmail. Can it be a
problem with the cross-platform  libraries  used  to
capture the output?


P.S.: I  think  that  Sylpheed  might  take  on  the
      resposibility for hiding the flashing  console
      window  when  executing  signature  generation

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