[sylpheed:34319] Suggestion: do not show attachment icon for messages without real attachments

Einar Lielmanis einars at gmail.com
Tue Nov 23 13:29:00 JST 2010

The problem:
In communications where the other sides are using html mail
extensively, the "has attachments" icon in message list becomes
meaningless, as most of mails has them, and it gets impossible to find
or filter emails with _real_ attachments.

Possible solution:
For mails with text/plain and text/html part, it can be seen that these
attachment parts have no file names. The real attachments, on the other
hand, has them (see the attached image).

So, do not show the little icon for the messages that don't have named
attachments in them.

Possible problems:
When messages are forwarded as an attachment, possibly they wouldn't
show up as an attachment? Or do they get a file name?


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