[sylpheed:34292] Re: 3 problems about Sylpheed

Axel Palm axelpalm at mail.ee
Thu Nov 4 15:47:23 JST 2010

v_2e at ukr.net kirjutas  :

> 3. Maybe, I have misunderstood, but it seems to me that there had been
> a decision to make Sylpheed auto-complete the destination e-mail
> address without 'TAB' key pressing. Or am I wrong? If I'm not, then
> this feature doesn't work in my case for some reason.
> The problem is that when I type a few letters of the address (or name)
> and press "TAB" and there is no such address in my address-book (and
> this may be just because of a typo), the cursor jumps to the next field
> making me distracting from the keyboard, taking mouse and getting it
> back in the address field. This is very annoying I must confess.

This is not a solution, but pressing shift-tab takes you back to the initial
address field. No need to use mouse.


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