[sylpheed:33993] questions on sylpheed

Jeff Roberts jeffr at radgametools.com
Fri May 28 11:52:21 JST 2010

1) Are newsgroups supported on Win32 - when I create an email account, I
only get options for POP and IMAP (no NNTP)?

2) Can I configure sylpheed to place my signature above the message that is
quoted?  Perhaps you can make a %escape character for my signature, and then
I can place it where ever I'd like.

3) How can I hide Imap folders?  I have them marked as hidden in other Imap
clients, but Sylpheed always shows them.

4) Is there a way to sync my address book with my Gmail address book? Or
just import?

5) Spell-checker?

Thanks you so much! 

RAD Game Tools

P.S. Love the light-weight philosophy!

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