[sylpheed:33947] Re: [ZyWALL Spam] Re: Fw: Re: Re: Two functions that does not work as expected

Raphael Frey freyraphael at lavabit.com
Sun May 9 17:07:50 JST 2010

Hi Stefaan,

On Sun, 9 May 2010 00:16:21 +0200
Stefaan A Eeckels <Stefaan.Eeckels at ecc.lu> wrote:

> You are correct that Sylpheed does not distinguish between the tray
> icon and the minimisation button. It can however be mimimised to
> either the tray icon or the window list using the option in the
> "Detail" pane. In other words, adding the distinction should be easy.

You got my point exactly. It is really no big problem – the “freezing
problem” is much more annoying – but it would be really great if this
could be fixed, that means a distinction could be added. Unfortunately
I do not have any programming skills so I cannot help you providing a
patch. :(

Best regards and have a nice Sunday


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