[sylpheed:33924] Re: More messages lost - a disaster...

J. Michael Fritch jmfritch at pacificstar.us.com
Tue May 4 16:20:56 JST 2010

Bruce -

You wrote

* A couple of things you might be able to try, depending on if your
* service providers permit it, that might mitigate the apparent loss of
* messages.
* - use IMAP instead of POP.  That way the mail is still on the server in
* the event that sylpheed is really and truly deleting it from your PC
* (note, I believe it's still there, you just can't find it).
* - continue to use POP but set it so that it doesn't remove messages
* from the server immediately, but will only delete messages from the
* server that are more than X days old.

What I am finding, when I go to Configuration-->Edit Accounts-->Account
Preferences, is _no_ option under Server Preferences other than POP3. The 
IMAP4 option has been blanked out. How, then, would I try and select that

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