[sylpheed:33760] lots of critique to 3.0.0

melodramus at online.de melodramus at online.de
Fri Mar 5 07:18:03 JST 2010

wow, moving the old configuration directory seems to work. but, why the heck sylpheed 3.0.0 creates a sylpheed-2.0 folder???

then, there is this new, dumm wizard, which _enforces_ the creation of ~/Mail though it is already there (doesn't it work with links?)

the wizard allows to set SSL but not TLS (which is the only supported option in my case!) it also doesn't allow to set lots of other stuff i definetly have to set before using the account to not cause irritations. in other words, after the wizard i definetly had_to open the account-dialog and to fiddle the old-school way before the first try. in again other words: the wizard was only in the way in my case.

i created a new IMAP-account and it works now. however, the wizard _wanted_ me to provide a readable name to the email address, which i did not want! i had to close the wizard and to create the account via the good old accounts dialog. 

there is stuff that could be asked from the system, like the default editor and such. where on earth firefox is started as mozilla-firefox??? ok, some distributor might find that fancy.

i'm quite a bit shocked by this 3.0.0 and will have a lot of work until i've re-set up the old situation.

however, some things are really better now. sylpheed 3.0.0 doesn't crash with gspell-support ;) being able to redirect drafts etc. to not have them residing on the IMAP server is very nice. there's lots of ui-updates i like. the only problem with that is that its sometimes a bit unintuitive. for example, the "yes" and "no" buttons are not that GNOME-HIG conformant. also, the dialogs are still full of cryptic sentences and worthless hacks. for example (from german):

x delete mails on the server after retrieval:
	after <0> days
	0 means never!

could also be written:

x delete mails on the server after retrieval:
	x only if <(min. 1)> days old

there's lots more but i have to 'upgrade' my accounts manually now!

MeloDramus <melodramus at online.de>

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