[sylpheed:34090] Printing issue?

Bruce Bowler bbowler at bigelow.org
Tue Jun 22 05:14:09 JST 2010

(sorry if this appears twice, I sent it first from an account different
from the one I am subscribed to the list with and didn't see it on the

I don't often print mail messages so I can't say when this problem
started, or even if it's specifically sylpheed related as I have
recently upgraded to 3.1.0beta1 and changed printers...

Windows XP, with SP3.  HP Officejet Pro 8000 printer.

If I select "print" to print the current mail message, the printer
selection dialog box comes up, I select the printer (it's actually my
default printer), hit print and the job enters the print queue, a few
lights flash on the printer and no paper comes out.

If I save the email to a text file, open it with textpad (my "editor of
choice") and print from there, it prints just fine (which, to me, rules
out an issue with the printer).

Any thoughts on things to try, or other things I can do to help
diagnose the problem?


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