[sylpheed:34089] Re: Problem with creating IMAP accounts

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Mon Jun 21 19:00:50 JST 2010


> Have  you  tried  to  just  restart Sylpheed after
> editing the correct password in the account?
> I'm asking because Sylpheed tends  to  save  some-
> where  (on the session basis, I guess) the entered
> passwords even if they are incorrect. And I do not
> see   a  way  to  re-enter  the  password  without
> restarting Sylpheed.

It  is  strange,  but even restarting does not help.
The only way is to create  the  IMAP  account  anew.
This  does  not happen with POP3 accounts... I think
that an error message should be shown, at least.


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