[sylpheed:34085] Re: Problem with creating IMAP accounts

Michael Ross michael.ross at gmx.net
Sun Jun 20 19:51:19 JST 2010

On Sun, 20 Jun 2010 12:37:14 +0300
v_2e at ukr.net wrote:

> > 
>   Have you tried to just restart Sylpheed after editing the correct
> password in the account?
>   I'm asking because Sylpheed tends to save somewhere (on the session
> basis, I guess) the entered passwords even if they are incorrect. And I
> do not see a way to re-enter the password without restarting Sylpheed.
> I don't know why is this happening, because it is very inconvenient,
> but I'm not a programmer and I cannot check the source code out to
> figure it out from there.

I played a bit with my password...
Sylpheed seems handle IMAP-Login failures not quite correct.
If I - existing sylpheed account - change my password on either end
(sylpheed or server), IMAP login silently fails (shows up in the log,
sylpheed reconnects, fails again) and presents me my locally saved
folders. No user notification whatsoever.
Editing the password in the account preferences works though, no
restart required.



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