[sylpheed:34127] Re: Request: Better GPG integration

mike mykey at mykey.de
Sat Jul 10 22:09:30 JST 2010


There is: 

- define an action via 'Configuration -> Actions'
- name it to your liking 
- for the command line use 'kgpg -s %p'

Now when you receive an encrypted mail - select the encrypted part from
---BEGIN PGP MESSAGE--- until --- END PGP MESSAGE--- and from the 'Tools'
menu select your action - you should be asked for your passphrase and the
message should decrypt within the internal editor of kgpg.

hope this helps

On Fri, 9 Jul 2010 06:13:54 +0200
Dieter Knopf <dieterknopf at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> i really really love Sylpheed, but i have a problem with the
> integrated GnuPG. I receive many encrypted mails
> without activated pgp/mime mode and so i just see the encrypted body
> without password-prompt.
> The only way is a manual copy (&paste) in a client like kpgp. Is there
> any way to changed this?
> Thanks

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