[sylpheed:34126] Spellchecking in Windows

Akuma GM AkumaGM at mail2techie.com
Fri Jul 9 17:04:20 JST 2010

I love Sylpheed, and I would really like to see spell-checking support
in the Windows version. I understand that this is an often requested
feature, and there was a thread about this made back in April. 

When browsing the thread, I noticed that there was a link to the
homepage of the Windows version of Aspell. The Windows version of Aspell
is quite old and is no longer being actively developed by the Aspell
developers. I discovered that the makers of LyX, a LaTeX editor, have
made a fork of the Windows version of Aspell. I found a page of the most
recent dictionaries here: 


I do not know if this is enough, because my knowledge of programming is
lacking. Are there any developers who have coded Aspell and can comment
if this is enough? 

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