[sylpheed:34119] Re: typing an accented character

J. Michael Fritch jmfritch at pacificstar.us.com
Mon Jul 5 09:11:52 JST 2010

Yes, Gene, there is.

Go to Start->Settings-->Control Panel then Regional Settings (or
Regional Options)-->Input Locales. Select any additional language(s) you want to use  then click on OK. 

You should see a square blue icon with two letters in your Task Bar.
Depending on what version of Windows your machine is running, you will see either the first two letters of the language that has been selected, or
just an EN in every setting that you click on with your mouse.

However, if you hold the mouse over the icon, you will see a description such as "English(United States) - Spanish".

Click on whatever language you want to use and start typing. Of course, you should know where the desired non-English characters are located on the foreign keyboard you select.

There is also language-specific software available at no charge from Tavultesoft which softens that requirement. 

Es würde mich freuen, wenn Ihnen diese Erklärung nützlich wäre und habe
diesen deutschen Mustertext beigefügt, sodaß Sie sehen können, wie der Text an Ihrem Ende ankommt. Et en français, ça ce voit ainsi.

The preceding text sample was put there to see, whether it is correctly
interpreted at the receiving end - both at your address and at that of Sylpheed.

Good luck.

Michael Fritch

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In Sylpheed, is there a way to type a single accented character, such
as e with the accent aigu (upper to the right), without changing
keyboard character sets?  I've tried various keystroke combinations but
am not getting any response.  Thanks,


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