[sylpheed:33728] Gmail IMAP auto-config should automatically set up special mailboxes too

Michael A. Puls II shadow2531 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 19:16:59 JST 2010

Sylpheed 3.0.0 - WinXP - Gmail IMAP

Although Gmail IMAP has a trash mailbox for IMAP trash. You really  
shouldn't use it as it doesn't sync well with the webmail interface. In  
other words, your IMAP trash will be in a label instead of in Gmail's  

When using the automatic setup of Gmail IMAP, these things should happen:

"Put sent messages in" should be set to  
#imap/username at gmail.com/[Gmail]/Sent Mail and the type of the mailbox  
should be set to "Sent" so it gets the sent icon. (The Gmail IMAP server  
already puts sent messages in Sent Mail by itself, so this is actually  
redundant. However, if Sylpheed needs to do this to tag sent messages in  
some way, then that is O.K. as the Gmail server will not produce 2 copies  
of the sent message)

"Put drafts messages in" should be set to  
#imap/user at gmail.com/[Gmail]/Drafts and the type of the mailbox should be  
set to "Draft" so it gets the drafts icon. And, Draft saving should be  
turned on to 1-minute intervals.

"Put deleted messages in" should be set to  
#imap/user at gmail.com/[Gmail]/Trash and the type of the mailbox should be  
set to "Trash" so it gets the trash icon.

And, Inbox should of course have it's type set to "Inbox".

And, the Junk folder should be set to  
#imap/username at gmail.com/[Gmail]/Spam and have a type="Junk" set on it  
with a Junk icon.

However, because the [Gmail] mailbox might be named [Google Mail] in  
europe and because other mailbox names might be localized, doing the above  
automatically can be difficult. But, Gmail has an XLIST extension just for  
this case so that you can always get the special mailbox names. And,  
there's even a standard being developed based on Gmail's extension. See  

Of course, if you don't use XLIST, you can still do it kind of by  
hardcoding strings per-locale.

At any rate, having some of the mailboxes set up right from the beginning  
would be cool for Gmail IMAP.

Sylpheed already does half of the above. It just needs to do the rest.


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