[sylpheed:33716] gmail complaint

Bruce Bowler bbowler at bigelow.org
Fri Feb 26 03:03:18 JST 2010

which may be more of an issue with gmail, but Hiro is FAR more responsive than
google is :-)

gmail (at least when accessed via IMAP, don't know about POP) has this
*REALLY* annoying folder called "[Gmail]All Mail".  No matter how hard I try
to delete things from that folder using sylpheed, they don't go away.  After
I delete the messages and empty the trash, they come back the next time I
click on that folder.   The only way I've found to delete them "forever" (I'm
sure google has them somewhere) is to use the crappy web interface to gmail.

Am I doing something wrong or does google to something "microsoft-ish" and
violate protocol specs for that folder?


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