[sylpheed:33713] Setting IMAP mailbox type to something other than 'normal' moves the mailbox up the tree

Michael A. Puls II shadow2531 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 02:38:41 JST 2010

For Gmail IMAP, I'd like to set the type of Inbox to "Inbox" without  
sylpheed moving Inbox up to the top of the mailbox tree. I want to keep  
"Inbox" listed with my other IMAP label mailboxes, which are listed in  
alphabetical order.

I can of course, change the type of the mailbox to "normal" to fix things.  
But, then, I lose the nice Inbox icon. :)

I actually have this problem with [Gmail]/Trash, [Gmail]/Sent Mail and  
[Gmail]/Drafts too. When I change their type to Trash, Sent and Draft  
respectively, they move up to the top of the [Gmail]  mailbox tree. I'd  
rather have them stay where they are.

I can see how the current way can be desired. However, in my case, it's  
not desired.


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