[sylpheed:33694] Re: windows version question

Stefaan A Eeckels Stefaan.Eeckels at ecc.lu
Thu Feb 25 08:55:13 JST 2010

On Wed, 24 Feb 2010 15:33:01 -0500
Bruce Bowler <bbowler at bigelow.org> wrote:

> What is the likelyhood of ever (ok, ever is a long long time, how
> about in the near future) of getting a pre-built windows version that
> has a spell checker integrated and/or ldap support?

I second the request for a spell checker and LDAP. Especially the
absence of a spell checker in the Windows version has lost Sylpheed
quite a few users over here.

Stefaan A Eeckels
You can't reason with someone whose first line of argument is 
that reason doesn't count.     --Isaac Asimov

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