[sylpheed:33682] Re: SSL Certificates - always accept not working - crash on sending

Christoph Kobe christoph at kobenetz.de
Wed Feb 24 09:32:51 JST 2010


the Bug described below still exists in Sylpheed 3.0rc, please fix it before
releasing 3.0 stable. Sylpheed 3 remains useless for me like that. If you need
more information, please tell me what you need and I will try to get it for you.


On Mon, 18 Jan 2010 18:49:03 +0100
Christoph Kobe <christoph at kobenetz.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've just upgraded to version 3.0.0beta6 on Windows XP. I used 2.6 before. Now
> when I startup Sylpheed and check my mail (Via SSL for POP3), Sylpheed pops up
> a window, asking me if I want to accept the SSL-certificate, because it's
> self-signed. Even if I choose "always accept" after every restart of the
> program Sylpheed asks me the same question again and again. Actually I get the
> same result when I choose the "temporarily accept" option, for which this
> probably is the intended behaviour.
> It seems like the certificate is not "always accepted".
> When I tried to send this mail, I got an empty window with a title (in german)
> similar to "Verification of SSL-certifiacte failed." and Sylpheed crashed. So I
> was unable to use 3.0.0beta6 at all, I had to re-install 2.6.
> Please help,
> Chris

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