[sylpheed:33202] Workaround for buggy MUAs

Ervin Peters ervin.peters at ervnet.de
Mon Sep 21 01:52:12 JST 2009

Just a little nice to have:

There is an important difference in ISO-8859-[1|15] and win1252 as
anyone knows who uses real operating systems.

unfortunately most windows muas, especially Outlook, Word and
descendents use win1252 and declares ist as ISO-8859-1, though they use
frequentliy characters which are in win1252 but not in iso-8859-1

Wouldn't it be nice to have some intelligent switching like

if x-Mailer contains ('windows') and x-Mailer contains ('outlook',
'word', 'mapi', 'IIS' ) and ( Content-Type->charset is ISO-8859-1 or
Content-Type->charset is ISO-8859-15) then set Content-Type->charset =


most senders of those mails are knowliedge resistant, most of them
don't understand that annoying problem to have to switch the encoding
because it isn't declared correctly.


Ervin Peters
D-99425 Weimar

+49 172 2043926
+49 3643 805745

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